Jerry's EV Conversion


The beginning...

08/15/1995: I decided to take the plunge: attempt to convert a gas powered automobile into an Electric Vehicle (EV). I'd read about it in books and magazines, and had followed other folks on the web exchanging their experiences and technology news. It should be noted that I am not a professional EV person, nor do I represent any or play one on TV. I learned as I went: making mistakes, back-tracking, skinning knuckles, and doing some prettly lame (in retrospect) things. Still, I thought it would be fun to document this journey even if it ran in fits and starts and took all winter.

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With the increasing cost of gas, more and more folks have been visiting this EV conversion chronicle. I've also seen an increase in email feedback: "will my car make a good EV?", "what batteries should I use?", "why don't you put solar panels on it?", and so forth.

Last fall my EV was in need of new batteries, four new tires, and a fair amount of rust repair. Instead of investing money into that vehicle I decided that it was time to start looking for a new donor and start a new conversion. All of the parts from the old EV are still in great shape (except the batteries, of course) so now all I need to find is a nice, small (two door?) donor (bonus points if it has same bell housing as a Mazda 626) and some garage space to do the conversion.

This means I've also started looking at batteries again and surveying the rest of the EV landscape. To better document and share my findings (and eventual re-conversion) I've created an all-new website. New layout, new code underneath, and even it's own domain:

I invite you to join me. If you are starting a conversion, selling EV parts, even building EVs commercially please feel free to drop me an email so I can include you on the new website.


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